Eloise Hill

The Eight of Pentacles

(Case notes)

Murder Site — 

Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Lamp —

Laura’s last glimpse of the world

43-year old disabled nurse and barely employed psychic/tarot reader, Eileen McGrath, is used to visions but not the recurring nightmares that have taken over her sleep since her teenage client, Laura Neff, was found drowned...

The Writer
Name: Eloise Hill
Professional Training: Nurse
Current Home: Northern CA

Current Job: Writer/Psychic/Tarot Enthusiast

Favorite Pastime: Creating Tarot Mystery Series

Favorite Quote: “There was a reason I kept having the dream—one I could no longer push away. Laura was reaching out to me and with good reason. Because she knew that I knew I’d let her down, too.”
—Eileen McGrath, Eight Of Pentacles
Bird Islands
Boom - where Laura hit her head
Cypress Stand - Killer’s 
hiding place